Customer Testimonials

John Johanning, CEO of Let It Shine Energy Services LLC

"Since I discovered U.S. Solar Mounts and the AGM racking system in 2012, I've used the AGM on 90% of my ground mounted solar arrays. The system is made of extremely high quality components, and assembly is simple.

Quite often we can assemble the rack and install the modules in less than a day's time. Adjusting the tilt angle is very easy, with the array being well balanced and can be managed by a single person in most cases.

The professionals at U.S. Solar Mounts go out of their way to provide fast service and advice. I plan on continuing to use U.S. Solar Mounts as my #1 "go to" racking system long into the future".

AGM systems installed by Let It Shine Energy Services

Steve and Martha, Homeowners

"Strong, Simple, Sleek!

We have been very happy with the adjustable mount system for our solar array thus far. We are almost three years out from installation and the system works perfectly and still looks great. Changing the angle of the array takes about five minutes. The installation was customized to our site and schedule and went seamlessly. Eric was very helpful and thorough with us during the whole process." (6.48 KW system)

John, Homeowner

"After getting a roof mount system professionally installed, I decided to try and tackle a do-it-yourself (DIY) project for another solar system, this time a ground mount array. There were lots of options out there for racking, but I found that US Solar Mounts had some big plusses for me. Living in Wisconsin, I had more to gain from an array that would tilt, I liked the ideas of less concrete piers (some mounts required 8 piers for the same sized system, instead of the 4 required for US Solar Mounts), and at the end of the day, I loved the ability to work with a Wisconsin company on my solar project. 

The folks at US Solar mounts were fantastic to work with. They guided me through some aspects of the project that as a first time DIY I may have missed, and at the end of the day, they saved my project from failure when the panels I was going to order suddenly went out of stock. They helped me to work with suppliers and get substitute panels that would work with the racking (already purchased and installed) as engineered. This was "over and above" service that really helped me.  I really appreciated all the folks at US Solar Mounts, and the result was a well made, simple to install, tilting rack that is producing fantastic solar in Central Wisconsin!"


Dessy and Bob, Homeowners

"We had the express pleasure of working with U.S. Solar Mounts for designing and installing our solar panels mounted on the adjustable ground mount racking system. The system is impeccable; precisely installed, strong and secure racks that don't make a squeak in the highest winds, and by myself with the slightest effort I can easily adjust the angle of the racks with one hand or even one finger!

Eric Pipkin, the owner of U.S. Solar Mounts, is a delight to work with, no high-pressure sales or complicated double talk, just straight forward honest conversations. He made the process easy and effortless. He listened intently to our needs and thoroughly planned and executed the project with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. From the very beginning, he answered all our questions with patience and expertise, was always available throughout the project and continues to answer questions and support even years after the installation.

With U.S. Solar Mounts there are no surprises, the system works wonderfully exceeding our expectations, the costs were what was quoted and all completion dates were met on or before deadlines. Through this process we not only feel Eric is exceptional and passionate about what he does but also we feel we have made a life-long friend who continues to demonstrate his kind, generous and trust worthy character." (14.85 KW system)

Nicholas Gordon, New Prairie Construction Co.

"In the Summer of 2016, New Prairie Construction developed and installed a ground-mounted PV system with a battery-backup using U.S. Solar Mounts AGM equipment in Cropsey, Illinois. Working with U.S. Solar Mounts as a mounting support partner was extremely successful. From the bid, to the shipping and construction their level of professionalism and service is unmatched in my experience. Here is how the process went.

From my initial request, I received a quote quickly, and changes/questions were easily handled by their professional team. They arranged shipping for a reasonable price, and they even provided us schedule 40 gatorshield tubes for support when we couldn’t find a very good supplier! The shipment came very well packaged and right on time.

The installation is made very easy by the custom drawing and installation instructions that are provided. I would say this AGM system installs about 50% faster than a standard array, because it just uses 1 row of support tubing per array, and  the modules are able to be mounted while the system is parked flat. Once everything was installed, adjustment of the system tilt is extremely easy.

In the end, the customer was extremely happy with the installation, and we had a very successful project. We would recommend U.S. Solar Mounts to ANYONE looking for the BEST partner for quality, ground-mounted PV arrays."

Mike H, Homeowner

"I had seen U.S. Solar Mounts' work before and there was no question in my mind that I wanted them to do the work. Very pleased with the system." (5KW system)

Bill B, Homeowner

"This was a difficult place to put solar equipment, Mr. Pipkin was able to engineer/build and install modified racking which many vendors can`t do. He is also EXTREMELY knowledgeable about solar, absolutely honest in any advice he gives, a stickler for getting it done RIGHT. AND NEAT. Excellent to work with.
I am glad I picked U.S. Solar Mounts. One very honest, dependable, extremely knowledgeable contractor"

Bill's 4.8 KW system, installed by U.S. Solar Mounts

Delmer & Nancy K, Homeowners

"We purchase a U.S. Solar Mounts tracking system last year and have been very happy with the quality and reliability of the system. Eric Pipkin and his crew were very helpful guiding us through the project and answering all our questions, which were many." (7.6KW System)

Susan C, Homeowner

"An innovative, functional solution for a shady site.

When I rebuilt my non-electric cabin I wanted to improve the solar power setup, as I frequently ran out of charge before my cabin time was through.  Eric spoke with me at length as we looked at Google Earth pointing out that my cabin site (in a valley with a steep hill to the south) was less than ideal for a rooftop solar panel.  If I wanted any reliable, sustained power I would need to set up several panels some distance away, across a gully, in an open field.  

The cost was going to be considerable, but I wanted to be able to charge my cellphone for safety, to be able to listen to the radio when I wanted, as well as run the occasional power tool when needed. Shortly after I agreed we should proceed, Eric called me and said he had been thinking about my situation and had the idea to make a mobile panel, so it could charge in the field, and be moved to the cabin, thus removing the costs for extra panels and lengthy cables, since the power source would be right next to the shady cabin.

I now have the coolest solar trailer that I park in the field when I leave, then use my riding mower to haul it next to the cabin when I arrive.  In winter time I pull it home behind my car since it is sturdy and road-worthy, and haul it back for any of the infrequent winter visits I make to the cabin. The cost was about 1/3 less than the original estimate, thanks to U.S. Solar Mounts' ingenuity, expertise and customer service."

Susan Curtis' portable solar trailer, designed and created by U.S. Solar Mounts

Jerry T, Homeowner

"It is my pleasure to endorse a great product designed, engineered and fabricated in Wisconsin by a Wisconsinite.  The idea of being locally grown, locally produced and locally represented was especially attractive to FARMtheSUN and the fact that I have known the designer and manufacture for over 25 years assured me that QUALITY was job one.

The Adjustable Ground Mount Racking System has been designed for ease of installation and fiercely strong to manage the extremes of Wisconsin weather.  The installation of the racking system was easily accomplished with the help of one assistant to place the poles and mount the main rotating structure --- the placement of the panels and wiring was a one person job.  The adjustment of the angle for the different seasons is easily accomplished and the mounting rack by US Solar has been featured in various tours of FARMtheSUN.  US Solar Mounts coordinated with Werner Electric to engineer and facilitate proper installation by bringing together the array with the mounting system.

I would encourage others interested in a ground mounted solar array to utilize the US Solar System because of the 1) economy of the system, 2) the quality and durability of the system, 3) ease of installation and operation,  4) universally approved design endorsed by Mid-West Renewable Energy 5) clean design and 6)most important the people who design, build and represent US Solar."


Ed T, Homeowner

"I completed installation of the AGM system over 2 years ago and I have been absolutely delighted with its performance. I have had no maintenance issues with it and it has operated as expected 24/7/365 through wind and weather without a hitch. I am seeing about 10% above nominal power output overall and I regularly see peak power exceed 20% of that estimated for a fixed install. After 2 years of exposure to the elements it looks just as good as it did the day we installed it.

U.S. Solar Mounts and the AGM system is a shining example of American-made quality at its finest.

A special shout-out to Eric is in order here- he did a great job of walking me through the install. He was always available in a timely manner despite his busy schedule.

I highly recommend this product to anyone." (8.8KW System)