There are many reasons why aeration is a smart addition to your pond or lake. Here's how implementing aeration can create a healthier and more beautiful body of water.



Stratification, or the separation of water into layers by temperature, can negatively effect water quality/fish health. The surface layer of water generally contains more oxygen, while the cooler bottom layer contains less. Aeration helps reduce the effects of stratification by mixing the layers of water to create a more uniform temperature and oxygen level throughout the body of water.

Algae Control

Having too much algae in your pond or lake can be unattractive to look at as well as create an unhealthy environment for the fish living there. Excess algae growth in ponds can be prevented by increasing oxygen levels. The higher levels of oxygen creates more aerobic bacteria, which feed on the organic matter throughout the body of water. To read more about algae control through aeration, click here.

Reduced Mosquito Populations

Mosquitoes require calm water to lay eggs upon. By agitating the surface of your pond with aeration, mosquitoes are unable to lay eggs. In addition, aeration promotes healthy fish populations who in turn feed on the remaining unwanted insects.

Preventing Fish Kills

Fish kills oftentimes occur because of low oxygen levels in the water as well as swiftly changing quantities of oxygen. Aeration increases oxygen levels as well as helps keep levels less volatile, mitigating the possibility of your pond suffering a large loss of life. To read more about preventing fish kills, click here.

Reducing Unpleasant Odors

Smelly ponds are a symptom of pond stagnation or 'dead' water, and a buildup of pond sludge/bottom muck. This muck is made of slowly decomposing organic matter. Increasing the aerobic bacteria with higher levels of dissolved oxygen speeds up the decomposition process, lowering the amount of unpleasant-smelling organic matter.

De-Icing during Winter Months

Aeration can keep your pond open during the winter months, which will assist in preventing winter fish kills as well as attracting waterfowl. In addition, dock and boat damage can occur in ice-covered ponds. By adding aeration, costly winter repairs can be avoided.


Implementing aeration in your pond or lake will enhance its aesthetic appeal as well as the overall health of the pond and its inhabitants.