Solar Powered Lake Aerators

Raise your expectations.

The Brushless Solar Direct Lake Aerators from U.S. Solar Mounts are what have been missing from the aeration market. These units are unlike any other - built with the highest quality components and attention to detail - all at a cost that will make you question why you've ever settled for the other guys.

Designed to provide high-volume, reliable aeration for remote and off-grid sites, the BLDC Family was created to operate efficiently without the hassle and expense of using batteries.

Brushless Compressors means higher reliability, durability, and efficiency, while also having fewer parts that need replacement. A complete system design allows fast and easy installation by anyone using just a few simple hand tools.




While the rest of the industry continues to simply “put parts in a box”, the BLDC series is in a class of its own – especially when it comes to sound reduction. Sound absorption foam has a limited effect on high-frequency sound, but does almost nothing to curb low-frequency sound. The BLDC series was engineered with an integrated low-frequency sound reduction system built right in, making it super quiet. At full speed, the sound level is only 50db!

Contact us today to discuss which Solar Powered Lake Aerator model will fit your application. If you are interested in becoming a U.S. Solar Mounts dealer, email or give us a call to discuss how the Brushless Solar Direct Lake Aerators will benefit your customers.

Concerned about how extremely cold temps will affect your solar powered aerator? Check out this video!