Adjustable Ground Mounts

AGM - Simply the most versatile ground mount available.

The design of our AGM Racking System is built upon a foundation of common sense and years of actual solar installation experience.

Thoughtfully engineered design and straight-forward installation lowers up front costs while the heavy duty galvanized structure will stand up to the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.  Our mounts are built so well that we back them with a  15-year warranty.

The Adjustable Ground Mount (AGM) Solar Racking System is an extremely versatile mounting system.  Once again, design was based on real-world installation experience.  The AGM system is loaded with common-sense  features.  Automatic Tracking can be added to any AGM system and will increase energy yield by up to 15%, depending on your location.

The AGM System can be installed in the following configurations:

  • East-West Row – Fixed Elevation
  • East-West Row – Manual Elevation Adjustment
  • East-West Row – Automatic Elevation Tracking
  • North-South Row – Automatic E-W Tracking

Download the Specification Sheet here

Innovative. Expandable.

The innovative design of the AGM System allows for system sizes ranging from 3 modules all the way up to Utility-Scale installations.  That's a tall order, but it's easy with the AGM System.  Up to 20KW can be mounted on a single row if manual or automatic tracking is used.  For fixed elevations, 50KW per row.

The AGM Racking System mounts onto rows of standard 4" SCH40 steel pipe.  All components can be set in place by one or two people - eliminating the need for heavy lifting equipment on site.  Steel posts can be installed by standard excavation and concrete, or driven by machine for larger installations.

100% Made in USA

The entire AGM system is Made in USA.  Every nut & bolt, the steel...everything.  We believe strongly in building the American Economy.  View our Policy.


Balanced Design

The AGM System utilizes dual Torque Tubes.  This design allowed us to lower the center of gravity to match the rotational axis of the array.  This means that the array is so well balanced that a  single person can easily adjust the elevation.  Simply pull the locking pins, tilt the array and re-install the pins.


Module Mounting

Back-bolt module mounting gives a clean, smooth look to the front of the array.  If preferred, top clamps are also available.  Unlike Uni-Rack top clamps, the bolts are below the clamp surface and do not stick up.


Extruded Aluminum Rails

Our Extruded Aluminum Rails are clear anodized for durability.  The slots will accommodate standard, common Stainless Steel carriage bolts. The rails are fully Enphase compatible and work with WEEB grounding washers.


Extrusion End Caps

Extrusion End Caps are an available option and provide a very clean, finished look to any array.  No tools required for installation.


Linear Actuator

A heavy-duty, 8000# Linear Actuator can be added to any AGM system. The actuator comes with all mounting brackets and hardware and can be used for manually-controlled elevation changes or automatic tracking when used with our controller.

Production Increases due to tracking:

East-West Tracking - Up to 25%, depending on location

North-South Elevation Tracking - 12% to 15%



Tracking Controller

The 1-axis Tracking Controller can be added to any AGM system that has an Actuator installed.  Input  voltages from 24VDC to 240VAC are available.  Ships complete with sensor and Stainless Steel clamping U-bolts for mounting onto standard 4" sch40 steel pipe.



USSM Anemometer

The USSM Anemometer can be added to any AGM system equipped with an actuator & control system. The anemometer is self-leveling and provides wind speed data to the controller. During high wind conditions, the controller will park the array flat. Constructed of Stainless Steel and aluminum.



Torsion Dampers

Torsion Dampers are available for all AGM systems. They can be added to any manually-adjusted system, but are normally installed on tracking systems to dampen torsional loads during high winds. Dampers should be used on any automatic system 7KW and larger.