Adjustable Ground Mounts

Complete Modular System Built to Last

The Adjustable Ground Mount (AGM) Racking System is an extremely versatile solar racking solution designed to withstand decades of relentless environmental conditions. Thoughtfully engineered to be a completely modular system, the AGM can easily accommodate a few modules or a few hundred.

Adjustable Ground Mount Solar Racking System

• Installs on standard 4” SCH40 or SCH80 Tubing
• Poles can be driven, ballasted, helical anchors or concrete encased
• Dual steel torque tubes are factory-cut to length
• Extruded Aluminum Rails are factory-cut to exact length
• Compatible with most module brands & models

Very Easy Seasonal Adjustments

The Dual Torque Tube design of the AGM System places the pivot point and the CENTER OF GRAVITY on the same axis. This arrangement results in a super-rugged, BALANCED structure. In fact, a single person can adjust the elevation angle on a 10KW array with little effort.

Low-Profile Design

The AGM System was created to be as clean and unobtrusive as possible.
• Proven, extremely fast installation time
• Easily accessible for system maintenance & cleaning

Time Is Money!

  • Reduced Foundation Cost
  • No Heavy Lifting Equipment
  • Pre-Cut Rails & Torque Tube
  • Assembles in the 0º Position
  • Pre-assembled Cradles
  • Fast Installation & Alignment
  • Full CAD Layout Drawings
  • Full Tech Support


Adjustable Ground Mount