Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy directly from U.S. Solar Mounts?

Yes.  All of our products can be purchased directly from the factory and shipped to any location. You can also purchase through any of our dealers.  To find a dealer near you, click here.

How long does it take to install one of your racking systems?

Once the foundation is completed, the rest of the poles and rack (including panels) can normally be installed in a matter of hours with two people.

Do I have to use the U.S. Solar Mounts pole and base?

No. The US Solar Mounts racking system can be mounted on any Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 pipe.

It is important to clearly understand the effects of wind loading on both the pipe used and the ability of the soil to support such loads.

If a different mounting pipe is used, it becomes the installers sole responsibility to ensure that all applicable codes are met.

Do I need to order the Equipment Mounting Plate?

The Equipment Mounting Plate is only required if you need a convenient, flat surface to mount something on to.

The plate is normally used to mount inverters, combiner boxes or disconnects.

Where can I find a price list?

U.S. Solar Mounts racking products are priced on a per-system basis.  Pricing is available directly through U.S. Solar Mounts or any of our dealers. Contact Us to find a dealer in your area or to get a quote on a racking system.

Where are the step by step instructions?

Instruction manuals can be downloaded on our PDF Downloads Page.